Tell me about a FR44 filing.

Florida FR44 Insurance FAQs 

Answered by Chris the insurance guy.  

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What is an FR44 filing?

The FR44 filing was created to make sure that a driver convicted of a DUI carries liability limits of 100/300/50. The State of Florida requires people convicted of a DUI to carry higher bodily injury and property damage limits to protect the public in the event they hurt someone in an automobile accident. The FR44 filing is electronically submitted to the State of Florida after the policy is written to certify the driver has the higher coverage.


How long do I nee need to carry FR44 insurance? The exact time limit is determined by the State of Florida. In most cases the FR44 is required for three years from the time of conviction. After you are convicted of the DUI, you will be notified by the State of Florida with an exact date your three years starts.


How much does FR44 insurance cost? Insurance prices are determined by many different factors including age, sex, location, driving record, and claims history. It is hard to determine a price without requesting a quote.

Can I make monthly payments on my FR44 insurance

No, unfortunately the State of Florida requires all new FR44 policies to be paid in full for six months at a time. In some cases you can make monthly payments on your FR44 policy at renewal.


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